Our salute to volunteers in the fire and EMS service [Editorial]

It’s banquet season in the Harford County region.

That’s the one time each year when our heroic volunteers pause to not only celebrate another successful year protecting us, but also to honor their colleagues who went above and beyond the call of duty from among a group of people who always goes above and beyond.

One such group, featured in a front-page photo in The Aegis Wednesday, was honored in Jarrettsville when Thomas Fruhling, Russell Harkins, Benjamin Kurtz and Mitch Vocke were each singled out for their 45 years of service with the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company.

And they weren’t the only ones with incredible longevity in the volunteer fire and EMS service who were honored at the Jarrettsville banquet last Saturday. William Grove has 55 years of service and Stephen Saneman has 50.

There are men and women who have given just as freely of their time to provide invaluable service to their communities and achieved similar longevity in volunteer fire and ambulance companies across the Harford County region.

Those companies, if they haven’t already, will be holding similar annual awards banquets in the coming weeks and we will do our best to provide similar coverage.

Our relationship with the region’s fire and EMS companies hasn’t always been smooth, which is understandable given our role as a community watchdog and their role as dogged, passionate protectors of the communities they serve.

Regardless of the state of our relationship with the volunteer fire and EMS service at any given time, we respect what those tireless volunteers do for us and we are eternally grateful for their service.

So as we salute the members of the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company, so too do we salute the members of all of the volunteer fire and EMS companies in the greater Harford County area.

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