Easter 2018 [Editorial]

The Aegis

Way back in the 1950s and 1960s, a roadside billboard here and there, or a show window decal, would urge us to “Observe Good Friday.”

Such is not the case in 2018, nor has it been for many years, certainly decades.

Many of our readers will observe Easter beginning today – Good Friday – which was once considered important enough that most schools and many businesses didn’t open their doors.

We opined this time last year about the lack of reverence given the day Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, and we still believe the issue has relevance.

Fortunately, our public schools in Maryland haven’t abandoned the tradition of closing their doors in observance of this solemn day, which is surprising given they’ve done everything possible to de-Christ the Christmas season.

As we also pointed out last year, businesses and workplaces and many government agencies at all levels treat Good Friday as just another working day, leaving it up to many of the faithful to keep Good Friday their hearts, or take a personal day from work, if possible.

If you do believe, then you’ll remember Good Friday as you see fit, and if you don’t, we hope you respect what the day stands for. So many of our problems in the contemporary world – and over the last two millennia – can be traced directly to intolerance, and particularly religious intolerance.

Maybe we’ll never overcome such prejudices in the history of mankind, but at least we have the Easter season to remind us there’s an example to follow that one day might make it possible.

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