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Letters: Concern over Abingdon warehouse development; no one should use 'n-word'

Concern over warehouse, retail development in Abingdon

My neighbors and I have every reason to be concerned about the plan for a large warehouse and retail development on over 300 acres in Abingdon.

This mega project includes almost 2 million square feet of buildings.

The concerns being expressed have included increased traffic congestion, not to mention the ability for emergency vehicles to navigate the congestion. Quality of life issues including safety because the road going through the project connects to Abingdon Road. Abingdon Road has two busy intersections and one is at Route 7.

My concerns are those mentioned above. Another issue is the 300-plus acres are wooded wetlands. Many streams leading to the Ha Ha Branch are part of small pockets of spongy, saturated necessary filtering wetland.

The county can deny the existence of these wetlands and streams by passing bill No. 18-036 but the streams and wetlands exist.

I am also concerned about buffering surrounding the project. The required buffer is not even close to the needed screening and buffering needed for surrounding developments and the Abingdon Road area. Expanded buffering needs to be included in the plan and their design and maintenance must be enforced.

Many more concerns come to mind and they include area flooding and erosion from paved surfaces and rooftops. The increased lighting, noise, dust and pollution are real worries.

The enormous impact of this project affects so much and so many.

Janet Hardy, Abingdon

No one should use ‘n-word,’ but Lisanti shouldn’t resign

Words matter: The House’s resolution rightly stated that, “This racist and hateful term has no place in anyone’s vocabulary.” Speaker Busch emphasized this by stating that “... a racial slur ... is not acceptable anywhere in society... .”

My feelings exactly, however I would take this criticism of Del. Mary Ann Lisanti more seriously for using the word “n----” if I didn’t hear it used every day while I worked in Baltimore for 40 years. If it is such an insult, why is it used so freely by blacks? It is just as insulting and wrong to use this word by anyone, in any context and it seems hypocritical to hold her to a higher standard than one would hold to oneself. The argument that it is acceptable for blacks to use this word is just a rationalization, i.e., making excuses by individuals or groups using favorable generalities to rationalize questionable acts or beliefs.

I do not think she should resign over this incident for which she is sincerely sorry. Yes, words matter; they should matter for everyone, and yet actions speak louder than words and Mary Ann’s actions have always been honorable. Asking her to resign is neither logical nor wise.

K. Gary Ambridge, Bel Air

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