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Harford blanketed with November snow; schools close, roads slippery

It’s not even winter or Thanksgiving but already the wintry weather has begun in Harford County. Three to 4 inches of snow fell in Bel Air Thursday, closing schools for the day and county government offices for the afternoon. The snow continued throughout Thursday afternoon, with winds picking...

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Harford County's best restaurants of 2018

Harford County's best restaurants of 2018

Wondering where to eat next? With new restaurants opening regularly and old favorites continuing to up their games, dining out in Harford County has never been better. Here, we take a look at what makes some of your favorite spots – from waterfront restaurants to brand new beer houses – so lovable....


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  • Way too early [Editorial]

    Way too early [Editorial]

    Who knew winter started Nov. 15 in Harford County? After Thursday, there should be little doubt that no matter what the calendar says, winter is here. Whether one follows the traditional, astrological calendar that says winter begins this year with the winter solstice Dec. 21, or the more modern...

  • Never a reason [Editorial]

    Never a reason [Editorial]

    There’s no reason to ever bring a gun into a school in Harford County or anywhere else. To broaden that view, there’s no reason to bring a weapon of any kind, even replicas, into a school. Yet, last week three BB guns and a folding knife were confiscated from three students. After all three guns,...

  • Start the conversation [Editorial]

    Start the conversation [Editorial]

    It’s always a good time for parents, guardians and grandparents to have conversations with their kids about drugs, alcohol. Setting aside a special night to have those conversations is a good thing, but grownups shouldn’t be reluctant or wait to have those talks with the children under their care...

  • It's that time again, so please go vote, Harford [Editorial]

    It's that time again, so please go vote, Harford [Editorial]

    By many accounts, it’s been a long time since our country has been so divided politically. Other accounts say it’s been a while since voters have been so energized. Two cliches - the numbers don’t lie and time will tell – will provide the answers to all of this year’s election questions. Those...

  • When voting for Harford County Council seats, consider the past, future [Editorial]

    When voting for Harford County Council seats, consider the past, future [Editorial]

    All seven seats on the Harford County Council will be filled by county voters in the Nov. 6 general election for which eight days of early voting started Thursday. The council is the legislative branch of county government. In addition to enacting all local laws affecting residents outside the...


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