Harford 911 dispatchers help deliver baby over the phone

Two Harford County 911 dispatchers recently helped an Abingdon woman and her husband deliver their baby girl over the phone.

Aubree Mae Kulaga was born at 7:59 a.m. on Nov. 7 to Emily and Matt Kulaga of the 400 block of Oakton Way, thanks to the help of Christina Abrams and Amanda Dolehanty of the Department of Emergency Services.

Matt Kulaga had called 911 to report his wife was in labor and he did not think they could make it to the hospital in time.

The call was answered by Abrams, Public Safety Dispatcher III, and Dolehanty, a Probationary Public Safety Dispatcher in training. Abrams has been with the Department of Emergency Service since 2006. Dolehanty has been with the agency since September and was in training the day of the delivery.

Assisting with a childbirth by phone was a first for both Abrams and Dolehanty, who said they were extremely honored to use their advanced training to help deliver a healthy baby girl after only seven minutes on the phone. The Kulaga family also had the assistance of their friend and neighbor, Brad Jones, at the scene.

Approximately a week following Aubree's birth, the Kulaga family and the Jones family were invited to visit and tour the Department of Emergency Services and meet with the dispatchers who helped them through the delivery of their baby girl.

"It was comforting to know that when dialing 911 there are well trained professionals that know exactly how to stay calm and handle an intense situation flawlessly," Emily Kulaga said following the visit.

She also expressed her thanks and appreciation to Abrams and Dolehanty.

"Our family is forever grateful, and we have a perfect little girl as proof of their outstanding work," she said.

The manner in which our dispatchers handled a very stressful and critical situation was outstanding. Dispatcher Abrams and Trainee Dolehanty executed their duties in an exemplary manner and as a result the Kulaga family welcomed the birth of Aubree just minutes after their initial 911 call for help," Emergency Services Director Russell J. Strickland said.

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