Live fire exercises, day and night, planned at Aberdeen Proving Ground starting Monday

The Aegis
APG plans live fire exercises June 8-11

The U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground will support a training exercises that may include military weapons and watercraft from Monday, June 8 through Thursday, June 11, both during the day and night.

The testing can include weapons firing and the use of multiple watercraft, according to an Army announcement, which also states the surrounding communities may hear weapons firing and see flashes or light that is visible off-post from illumination devices.

Residents and boaters are encouraged to stay vigilant, alert and to use caution, especially when approaching APG's restricted water areas the announcement states.

The Army said the test and others like it are executed within the Aberdeen Test Center to directly support the Army's Equipment Modernization Strategy, "aimed to leverage technology to provide soldiers better and more advanced capabilities to protect our dominance on the combat environment."

The U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center, part of the U.S. Army's Test and Evaluation Command, provides test and test support services for authorized customers, within the Department of Defense and outside the DoD, including government and non-government organizations, both foreign and domestic. ATC test experts conduct experiments and tests to assure equipment is safe, suitable and survivable in the harshest of terrain and conditions, before it is fielded for use by the Soldier.

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