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A fatberg is blocking a British sewer. Baltimore shudders with deja vu.

A British official says a giant "fatberg" — a mass of hardened fat, oil and baby wipes measuring 210 feet long — has been found blocking a sewer in southwestern England.

Deja vu, Baltimore?

A similar mass of detritus clogged Baltimore’s sewers back in 2017. It caused about 1.2 million gallons of sewage to overflow into the Jones Falls, and even earned Baltimore a shoutout on “Saturday Night Live.”

As for its British counterpart, Andrew Roantree of South West Water says it will "take our sewer team around eight weeks to dissect this monster in exceptionally challenging work conditions."

He urged the public not to pour grease down the drain or flush baby wipes down the toilet, adding: "Don't feed the fatberg."

The revolting fat mass was discovered in drains in the coastal town of Sidmouth.

In 2017, a 820-foot fatberg was found in sewers beneath Whitechapel in east London. A chunk of that later went on display at the Museum of London, nestled inside transparent boxes.

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