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Goucher aiming to raise $100 million by 2022 in capital campaign

Goucher College recently launched the most ambitious capital campaign in the school’s history, aiming to raise $100 million by 2022.

The campaign — dubbed “Undaunted” — kicked off Saturday at the liberal arts school’s awards gala, where campus officials announced that they had already raised $43 million toward their goal.

The money will support the expansion and enhancement of campus facilities and services, according to a news release.

“Our comprehensive campaign for Goucher envisions a campus that will meet the emerging needs of students in a fast-changing society,” said Goucher president José Antonio Bowen in a statement. “More than constructing buildings, we’re designing a place where students can take intellectual risks. A dynamic, thriving, nurturing environment where the learning experience is etched into the blueprint of every facility.”

Among the scheduled projects: a “First-Year Village” that will provide hundreds of students with community-oriented living arrangements and a new interfaith center that will allow students of various faiths to share and learn from each other’s beliefs

The university also plans to add 35,000 square-feet of modern labs and classrooms via its new Science Research Center.

“Each of these design projects is instrumental in elevating the student experience, building community, and supporting academic performancefor the next generation of Goucher graduates,” Bowen said.

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