School police behind on hundreds of crime reports

Baltimore city school police are working to reconcile insufficient documentation of roughly 300 police reports to meet an annual deadline for the Baltimore City Police Department to submit its annual crime stats to the federal government, school and law enforcement officials confirmed Thursday.

In a memo, city police informed school police leaders that more than 300 reports were considered "delinquent," because paperwork had not been filed, or not filed properly.

Sources told The Baltimore Sun that roughly half of the reports pertained to Part I offenses, which are considered the most dangerous and are often felonies.

“We are checking through all files and reports, and working with city police to verify that they are all submitted with correct and full information," a city school spokeswoman said.

City police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that it's not out of the ordinary to reach out to area departments to ensure that all paperwork is accounted for by the end of the year.

He said that the insufficient or missing paperwork does not affect crime statistics, as those are logged when a report is made and a complaint number is issued.

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