School districts warned to look for suspicious mail from Texas

Bernard Sadusky, the interim state school superintendent, sent a note to local school superintendents on Tuesday afternoon after the state police told him that schools should be on the look out for suspicious letters.

Several schools in the northeast have been sent letters containing white powder in the mail with a Texas post mark. The letters were a hoax, and none were sent to Maryland schools that have been discovered. "We’ve not as yet heard of any instances, but we can’t be too careful," said Bill Reinhard, a spokesman for the Maryland State Department of Education.

Here's the e-mail:

 Dear Colleagues:

 I received a phone call last evening from the Maryland State Police regarding suspicious envelopes being sent to schools across the country.  I was instructed to inform all of our school districts so that you and your staff will be suspect of any mail from Texas.  Please forward this alert to all of your mail distribution facilities immediately.   


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