State school board will let Circuit Court rule on Baltimore City charter school lawsuit

State school board will let courts rule on charter school lawsuit.

The Maryland State School Board said Tuesday it will not intervene in a Baltimore City school charter lawsuit.

The school district had filed a legal petition to the state school board asking it to rule on whether the school system was providing enough funds to charter schools under the law that requires "commensurate" funding.

One of the provisions limits school systems from withholding more than two percent for administrative fees for the services that are provided by the central office. The school district wanted the state school board to clarify that provision.

Instead, the state school board said it would not rule on the request by the city schools but let the case wind its way through the Circuit Court. "Because the case remains within the jurisdictional purview of the courts, the state board declines to consider the petition for declaratory ruling," the opinion from the state board said.

Operators of 15 of the city's 33 charter schools filed suit last fall saying the city school system wasn't providing as much money for charters as it was for regular city schools. The operators asked for their fair share. Charter schools are public schools that are operated privately. They must receive a charter to operate from the local school board.

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