Alonso's farewell letter to Baltimore city students

Baltimore city schools CEO Andres Alonso tapped his favorite coming-of-age book by Leo Tolstoy to impart some lasting wisdom, and extend a final farewell, to city students as he closes out his last school year.

In a letter addressed to city students Friday afternoon, Alonso said, "as I prepare to leave Baltimore City Public Schools after six years as CEO, I think mainly of you."

Alonso explained the love of books and reading he developed as a child, recalling how his father gave him four books as gifts on his first day of school. He said his favorite author was 19th century Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy.

"He wrote enormous books, easy to get lost in," Alonso wrote. "And among the stories he wrote was a wonderful fable that I think about now, when I think of you. It’s called “The Three Questions,"...Even then, I drew a parallel between that story and all of you...."

Read the rest of his letter, here.

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