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Roughly Speaking podcast: CNN's Van Jones says it's time to ignore Trump and get busy (episode 315)

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Those involved in publishing and marketing CNN commentator Van Jones’ new book were tempted to call it "Whitelash," using the term he coined to described the force that put Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office. But, instead, the book is called "Beyond the Messy Truth," a reference to Van Jones’s recurring primetime special, "The Messy Truth." The subtitle of the book is key: "How We Came Apart, How We Come Together." Jones offers a challenge to everyone opposed to Trump, including a growing number of Republicans, to acknowledge that the president is a divisive distraction from the nation’s most important business and work toward common ground. There are big problems facing the country, and it’s hard to find agreement on some of those. But, as the CNN political commentator outlines in his latest book, there are places where compromise and solutions are possible.

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