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Roughly Speaking podcast: Why does Baltimore have so many evictions? (episode 249)

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A look at big problems in housing in Baltimore: People losing their homes — renters through eviction and homeowners under a federal program originally intended to keep them in their houses.

  • 3:10: Kristerfer Burnett and John Bullock, first-term members of the Baltimore City Council, have raised flags about problems caused by a federal program to sell off delinquent mortgages to private investors. Instead of helping homeowners modify the terms of their mortgages and stay in their houses, the result, they say, has been more evictions and empty homes.
  • 22:36: Sun reporters Jean Marbella and Doug Donovan talk about “Dismissed,” their long, deep look at rent court and the high number of evictions in the city. Their stories appeared within the last two weeks in the Sun, accompanied by a vivid, user-friendly display online at The Sun’s investigation revealed, among other things, that in 2013, Baltimore's renters received more court-ordered eviction notices per capita than renters in any other city. More than 67,000 notices that year led to more than 6,600 evictions. Since then, Baltimore District Court judges have issued 282,000 more eviction orders and nearly 28,000 formal evictions. Evictions cause all kinds of problems for families, the Sun examination now.  Read the stories about rent court and evictions at Test your knowledge of Baltimore City rent court with a “You be the judge” interactive at

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