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A film critic's favorite films: Part II, with Linda DeLibero

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Roughly Speaking episode 422:

In Part II of A Film Critic’s Favorite Films, we hear about some of Linda DeLibero’s favorites: Three Westerns ("The Searchers," "The Wild Bunch," "McCabe and Mrs. Miller"), one Hitchcock ("Shadow of a Doubt"), one Kubrick ("Barry Lyndon"), one film directed by Orson Welles and starring his voice ("The Magnificent Ambersons"), one Coppola ("The Conversation"), a film directed by Terence Malick ("Badlands"), one directed by Kenneth Lonergan ("Margaret") and one film directed by someone you probably never heard of ("Killer of Sheep").

Linda DeLibero is director of film and media studies at Johns Hopkins University. You can hear Part I of A Film Critic's Favorite Films in episode 421, with Christopher Llewellyn Reed of Stevenson University.

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