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Labor Day deserves an official sandwich — here's how to make it

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Come along for a visit to Dan's kitchen and a tutorial on how to make a traditional peppers-and-eggs sandwich, declared by our columnist as the official sandwich of Labor Day weekend.

"It’s a modest but delicious shift-worker’s lunch. So it’s a tribute to workers. And it’s made with a fresh ingredient from the late-summer garden. So it has the seasonal thing going for it, too. What's not to like?"


4-5 sweet green peppers (cubanelles, if available, but bell peppers will do)
4 eggs
Tbsp grated Parmsean
pinch garlic powder
Italian bread or rolls


- Remove stems and seeds from peppers. Rinse peppers, then cut into quarter-inch slices.

- Heat olive oil in cast-iron skillet; add peppers just before the oil starts to smoke.

- Reduce heat and cook peppers for a few minutes, until they become soft, but not mushy.

- Beat eggs and pour them over the peppers. Cook for 30 seconds, then flip with a spatula.

- Sprinkle with salt and grated Parmsean, and a pinch of garlic powder.

- Turn off stove and let residual heat finish cooking while you slice the bread or rolls.

- Make three or four sandwiches, wrap them in foil, and let them sit for at least an hour to soften bread and infuse with flavor.

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