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Among the homeless in a Baltimore tent city

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Roughly Speaking episode 336:

Why do so many people live in tents along the Jones Falls Expressway and near other highway overpasses and bridges? Dan takes a walk around the block — from the back door of The Baltimore Sun — to find out.

Homeless men and women frequent the area, and several have set up residence in what's known as the Guilford Avenue Tent City, across from the newspaper's rear entrance and just a few blocks from City Hall.

Katie League, director of community services for Health Care for the Homeless, talks about the reasons for homelessness, starting with the lack of affordable housing in Baltimore. Many people in the tents have been waiting for housing vouchers to help pay for rent, League says. But the Trump administration has delayed additional federal funds for subsidies, so the wait goes on.

Meanwhile, with winter on the way, the Baltimore mayor's office says it is prepared to meet the demand for shelters during the winter months.

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