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To the farmer's market for purslane and bourbon with restaurateur John Shields

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Roughly Speaking episode 417:

Dan hits the Waverly farmer's market in Baltimore with restaurateur and Chesapeake cookbook author John Shields. The market, on 32d Street, is open every Saturday of the year, and Shields has been a shopper -- for his Gertrude's restaurantand for his kitchen at home -- for more than two decades. In this episode: Joan Norman of One Straw Farm, talks about the affect of all the spring and summer rain on the 2018 growing season; street performer Merdalf sings, "The Wind Cries Mary," Len and Kelsey Louthan, father-and-daughter distillers, offer a sample of their Montebello Bourbon; and Purslane, the edible and super-nutriotius weed that grows everywhere, from city sidewalks to farm fields, makes a surprise appearance next to the Russian kale and Swiss chard.

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