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DMI and the roots of corruption in Maryland prisons

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Roughly Speaking episode 366:

The Maryland prison system has had a long run of corruption, with dozens of correctional officers and others accused of helping incarcerated gang members continue their criminal enterprises behind the walls. From the Baltimore City Detention Center in 2013 to the Eastern Correctional Institution in 2016 and the prison in Jessup last year, investigations of those facilities have resulted in dozens of indictments, convictions and prison sentences. The scandal involving the Black Guerilla Family at the BCDC was so bad that it led in part to the shuttering of the old jail in 2015. In the Jessup case, a state corrections sergeant is accused of doubling as an officer in the Crips gang.

Federal authorities have led most of these investigations.

On today's show, Robert Harding, an assistant U.S. Attorney who supervises the Baltimore office's criminal division, talks about how the feds first learned about the widespread corruption in state prisons. It was the activities of a violent, made-in-Maryland gang, Dead Man Inc., that led investigators to the problems at BCDC and at ECI.

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