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A Baltimore Story: Crossing a once-forbidden bridge

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Roughly Speaking episode 425:

When they were boys, Ken Bancroft and John Bruce were warned to never cross the bridges over the Jones Falls. Bancroft, who is white, grew up in Remington and was told he would be attacked by blacks who lived on the western side of the 28th and 29th street bridges. Bruce, who is black, lived in Gilmor Homes and was told that members of the Ku Klux Klan resided on the eastern side of the bridges. Fifty years later, the two men serve as local leaders of a faith-based group, Be The Bridge, that encourages conversations toward racial understanding and reconciliation, a challenging but important — and timely — project. Bancroft and Bruce crossed a once-forbidden bridge and now want others to do the same. Read more about them and their mission in my column.

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