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Baltimore violence: Transforming lives, sustaining programs that work

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Roughly Speaking episode 344:

2:33: Cory McCray, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from East Baltimore, talks about what got him off the streets where he sold drugs as a young man — his mother, an apprenticeship program, and an inspiring community leader in Belair-Edison.

15:19: Anthony Smith, executive director of Cities United, talks about a national effort to reduce violence among African-American men and boys in more than 100 communities across the country, a collaboration of mayors to identify best practices and sustain them over a generation or more.

47:33: Joe Ehrmann, former Baltimore Colt defensive tackle, minister, coach and motivational speaker, talks about the InSideOut Initiative to bring a big change in coaching philosophy to high schools, including Baltimore's. Partnered with the Ravens, the program aims to instill character development and moral leadership in student-athletes by breaking through the win-at-all-costs coaching approach too common in youth sports.

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