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Squeegees, panhandlers: Baltimore from both sides of the windshield

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Roughly Speaking episode 431:

The biblical phrase, "through a glass, darkly," has been used widely in popular culture as the title of books, plays, poetry and at least one movie. It means having a blurred or limited view of reality. The phrase can be applied to the recent public discourse over Baltimore's squeegee dilemma -- what to do, if anything, about the boys and young men who offer to wash windshields at busy intersections. Some of the "squeegee kids" see their prospective customers as rude, even hostile. Some drivers complain that they've been abused and harassed by youths with spray bottles and long-handled squeegees. And still others have an aesthetic criticism -- they see squeegee kids and panhandlers as public nuisances, reflecting badly on Baltimore and making it seem like a "third-world city."

On the show today: Wrapping up a week of squeegee news with Sun reporter Yvonne Wenger. Reflections on the poor in our midst with American culture commentator Sheri Parks.

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