A quick post-market brunch in Tersiguel's kitchen

The flood that hit Ellicott City in the summer of 2016 knocked Michel Tersiguel’s restaurant out of business, but he managed to reopen the place in a matter of months, and is forever grateful for all the support and help he received from customers and friends. As I reported at the time, the Tersiguel family has remained in the restaurant business for more than 40 years despite fire and flood.

Since the latest reopening, Tersiguel’s French Country Restaurant has been exclusively serving dinner Tuesday through Sunday, as well as Sunday brunch. The quick brunch Michel fixed me the other day was made from ingredients we had just hauled from the wholesale market in Jessup. I thought you might like to see what it looked like before we devoured it -- wings of skate in a black butter sauce, served with a warm salad of brussel sprout leaves and mango. The skate is not a regular menu item at Tersiguel’s -- there are reasons for that mentioned in Episode 362 of the Roughly Speaking podcast -- but I’ve got my smartphone set to alert should it show up as a special.



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