Soul Serenade with Rashod Ollison

Roughly Speaking episode 64:

  • Rashod Ollison was once the pop music critic of The Baltimore Sun. He’s now an award-winning music and culture writer at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk. His new memoir, "Soul Serenade: Rhythm, Blues and Coming of Age Through Vinyl,” is about growing up in Arkansas, a tough childhood in which he, his hard-working mother and sisters moved nine times, and his wandering, drug-addicted father, a scarred Vietnam Veteran, was rarely available to him. It’s also about Rashod Ollison’s relationship with music. Throughout this podcast, we’re going to sample some of the songs that provided Rashod Ollison with some peace as he grew up poor, black and bullied in school, music that his father introduced him to and that brought Rashod Ollison’s creative instincts to life.



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