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Dan Rodricks

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Eavesdropping, people watching, and the bus was on-time, too

The prevalence of the smartphone means that Americans hear a lot of one-sided conversation. On Friday, aboard an MTA bus, I overheard a young woman with a bun in her hair and an iPhone at her ear say the following: “No, he did not. No, he did not. He did not. He didn’t. Oh, God, no.”

And she started laughing, almost uncontrollably.

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Questions about a Hopkins police force are not ridiculous, but they don't win the argument, either

The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore’s largest and most prestigious employer, wants permission to establish its own police department at a time when the police department in Baltimore, one of the nation’s most violent cities, does not have enough officers.

So what’s the problem? Why hasn’t this already happened?

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One of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever
Investing in more of Baltimore, one small loan at a time

A man told me he was shocked by what he saw when he made a wrong turn during a drive through Southwest Baltimore. “It was like a third-world country,” he said, a pejorative often uttered by white visitors as they drive by vacant rowhouses or rowhouses occupied by what appear to be poor black families.

I asked the man, who lives in the suburbs, where he had been for the last half-century or so.

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Frank Robinson and the legend of the Orioles 'HERE' flag

One Sunday in a long-ago spring, sudden lightning cracked from Frank Robinson’s bat, and in a few electric seconds, one of Baltimore’s greatest legends was born. Robinson hit a home run that cleared the left-field bleachers, the ball flying high over spectators, and landing in the parking lot beyond. It was the only home run anyone ever hit out of long-gone Memorial Stadium.

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Mueller could have some say about a Hogan challenge of Trump

Pundits who dismiss the idea of Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan running for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination make an assumption — that Donald Trump will still be in office a year from now. As assumptions go, that’s a fairly big one. It means Trump survives the Mueller investigation.

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