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'Public Enemy No. 1' charged again – in jail

A Baltimore man dubbed "Public Enemy No. 1" by city police last summer after being linked to a string of shootings is in trouble again — this time accused of stabbing another inmate in the head in an argument over using the telephone, court records show.

Darryl Martin Anderson's nickname apparently has had staying power even as Anderson remains in jail awaiting trial, according to charging documents. When police asked the victim, inmate Gregory Hollomon, who had stabbed him, he replied, "Public Enemy No. 1."

Anderson, 26, was arrested in Alabama last summer after a yearlong hunt by authorities in two jurisdictions. He was first accused of killing a man outside a Parkville bar in July 2012; while being sought on a warrant, he allegedly opened fire on a group of women in Northeast Baltimore in June 2013. Police also say he forced his way into a home and shot two men and injured a third. He is facing six dozen criminal counts.

Anderson is tentatively scheduled to go to trial in Baltimore Circuit Court in July.

In the meantime, prosecutors filed an additional charge of first-degree assault against Anderson after the June 1 altercation in the Baltimore County Detention Center.

According to court records, Anderson was using the telephone when Hollomon said he needed to make a call. Hollomon said Anderson threw a punch at him and missed, and Hollomon landed a punch in return. Anderson then is accused of removing a makeshift knife with cloth wrapped around the bottom from inside his uniform and stabbing Hollomon on the right side of the head and right shoulder.

Hollomon said another inmate rendered aid as he yelled and banged on the door. He said no jail personnel came to his assistance for an hour.

Jail staff told police that after the stabbing, the area was placed into lockdown, but because of a staffing shortage, no one who was working had permission to enter an area on lockdown. More than an hour later, guards entered wearing tactical gear and found Hollomon bleeding, with blood smeared on a cell window, records show.

Hollomon allegedly told the guards, "I just been stabbed by Public Enemy No. 1."

Police have described Anderson as "an enforcer or a hit man for the Black Guerrilla Family," the powerful gang that police have tied to a scandal at the city detention center and some recent violence. But a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service said last year that investigators had learned Anderson had a falling out with a segment of the gang and his status was unclear.


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