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Man shot by police Friday was chasing robber

A man who was shot by a Baltimore Police officer on Friday morning in West Baltimore was at the time fighting with a man who had just robbed him at gunpoint, police said Monday.

Both have been criminally charged for their roles in the incident.

Police said Friday that officers were handling a domestic violence call around 7 a.m. when they heard gunshots nearby and rushed to the scene to find two men struggling in the street, at the intersection of North Fremont Avenue and West Fayette Street.

One of them was holding two guns, and cash littered the ground. The man holding the guns refused to drop the weapon, and was shot by an officer, police said.

According to charging documents provided by police, Alexander Brown, 24, had been robbed at gunpoint by Xavian Chriscoe, 36, and an unknown accomplice, who told him to hand over cash his belongings "or you gonna catch all six of these," referring to bullets.

Brown handed over his property — $90 cash, an ID, and a bank card — and the two men fled, police said. Brown then pulled a .38 caliber revolver from his pants leg and fired four shots at Chriscoe and the other man as he gave chase.

Brown wrestled away Chriscoe's .32 caliber revolver and the two began to struggle over the weapons. Officers heard shots — police say Chriscoe had a graze wound to the side of his head — and saw Brown standing over Chriscoe, holding a gun to his head.

Police say Officer Valentine Nagovich, 41, an 11-year veteran, fired multiple shots, striking Brown in the left forearm.

Brown was taken into custody, but told the officers that Chriscoe had robbed him. Both were detained, and officers found Brown's driver's license in Chriscoe's possession. Police said video of the incident captured from a camera showed what appeared to be Chriscoe and the second, unknown person robbing Brown.

Brown, of the 4500 block of Shamrock Ave., is charged with first-degree assault and multiple handgun charges for firing at Chriscoe after being robbed. Chriscoe, meanwhile, of the 1700 block of Bloomingdale Ave., was armed robbery, assault, and handgun charges.

Both men are being held without bond, and attorneys were not listed in court records.

Charging documents do not say whether Brown was prohibited from carrying a weapon or if it was legally registered; he has prior charges of attempted murder and assault and handgun charges, though both cases were dropped by prosecutors.

Chriscoe was acquitted after a trial on charges of first-degree murder in 2010. He had been arrested in Inglewood, Calif. for the April 27, 2009 murder of Shawn Williams, 18, who was found shot in the head in a vacant lot in Carrollton Ridge.

On Friday, Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez lauded the efforts of the officers who captured the man later identified as Brown, whom Rodriguez said had "no regard for the law."

"This is, yet again, additional efforts by the commissioner in our ability to deploy our officers in the right positions," Rodriguez said.

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