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Baltimore police arrive at shooting scene, fire at suspect

A Baltimore police officer shot a man whom police believed had just opened fire on another man in an attempted robbery a few blocks from the University of Maryland, Baltimore on Friday morning.

Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said officers were around the corner of West Fayette Street and North Fremont Avenue around 7 a.m. handling a domestic violence call when they heard gunshots and rushed to the scene. Two men — one of whom had just been shot — were struggling in the street. Cash littered the ground.

One man, who is believed to have shot the other man, had a gun in each hand and refused officers demands to submit to an arrest, trying to flee and at one point turning and facing the officers, Rodriguez said. One officer, who will be placed on routine administrative leave and identified in 48 hours per department policy, shot multiple rounds at the suspect.

The man who was shot by the suspect suffered a minor wound to his head and is expected to survive. Police did not immediately say how many times the suspect was shot by police but said he is also expected to survive. Neither has been identified yet. No officers were injured.

Rodriguez lauded the efforts of the officers who captured the suspect, whom Rodriguez said had "no regard for the law."

"This is, yet again, additional efforts by the commissioner in our ability to deploy our officers in the right positions," Rodriguez said. "And we believe we either prevented a homicide here today, or a robbery."



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