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Report of teen with handgun locked down North Baltimore schools Tuesday

A 16-year-old was arrested with a handgun on a Maryland Transit Administration bus in North Baltimore on Tuesday afternoon, an incident that prompted several area schools to go on lockdown. 

Principals of the Roland Country School, the Gilman School, and the Brwyn Mawr School sent e-mails to parents Tuesday saying they locked down the schools after police notified them that an armed person had been reported around Northern Parkway near Roland Avenue. 

"Throughout the lockdown, our security personnel were in close contact with the security teams at RCPS and Gilman as well as Baltimore City Police," Bryn Mawr's headmistress, Mauren E. Walsh, wrote in a letter to sent her school's families. 

Police initially said they could not locate a report of such an incident, but Northern District Maj. Kimberly Burrus confirmed in an e-mail to a resident on Wednesday that police had been called for a report that a "student from another area boarded a MTA bus with a handgun." 

"The bus was stopped at Roland/Northern Parkway where the individual was located and a handgun was recovered," Burrus wrote. "Because we had no idea what his intent was, it was extremely important to get him and the bus contained."

A police spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the information in the e-mail. 

The teen, who is from Northeastern Baltimore and was being held without bond, was charged with multiple handgun-related counts, as well as a drug charge. 

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