Baltimore man accused of impersonating a police officer

A Baltimore man has been charged with impersonating a police officer after he allegedly placed a victim in handcuffs and robbed him of $75, claiming the money smelled like cocaine.

Baltimore police said the victim, 21, was walking down the 1000 block of Poplar Grove Street in West Baltimore on Wednesday at about 2:45 p.m. when Jermaul Dean, 23, approached him with a badge and handcuffs. Dean said he was a police officer and ordered the victim to put his hands on his head and started patting him down, according to the police report.

Dean took $75 out of the victim's pockets and placed the man in handcuffs, saying the money smelled like cocaine and "it would be staying with him," police wrote in the report.

The victim reported the incident the next day to police, who later identified the suspect as Dean. When Dean was arrested, he told police he was about to enter the city Police Academy and didn't do anything wrong. He also informed officers of a gold badge in his car, police said.

A police spokesman said Dean applied to the academy last year but was not accepted.

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