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Phylicia Barnes' death added to city's 2011 murder count

The death of Phylicia Barnes has been added to the city's murder total for 2011, officials said. 

The move is merely an administrative issue, though it does bump up the city's first murder count under 200 since the 1970s. Phylicia went missing from Northwest Baltimore in December 2010 and her body was found floating in the Susquehanna River between Harford and Cecil counties in April 2011. State police and Baltimore detectives worked the case together.

Last month, authorities charged the ex-boyfriend of Phylicia's older half-sister in her death, indicting him through a grand jury in Baltimore. Police initially added her death to this year's murder count, but have since placed it on 2011's total since that's when she was found. 

That's happened twice recently in other cases where the victims were found dead in other jurisdictions. The deaths of Mia Nichols, who was found in Baltimore County, and Andrew Giancoli, who was found in Anne Arundel County, were retroactively added to the city's murder count for 2009 in recent months after it was concluded that they were killed in the city. 

Baltimore's 2011 murder count now stands at 197, not 196. and the 2009 murder count is 240 instead of 238. 

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