Police arrest fourth suspect in videotaped St. Patrick's Day weekend assault

Baltimore police just announced the arrest of the fourth and final suspect charged in the videotaped beating and stripping of a tourist that was videotaped and watched across the country on the Internet.

Shatia Baldwin, 21, of Baltimore, is now in custody, though details of how and where she was picked up have not yet been released. On Tuesday, police arrested the third suspect, Deangelo Carter, 18, also of Baltimore.

Those two suspects,along with 20-year-old Aaron Parsons, a party promoter from Rosedale accused of throwing a punch that decked the victim, are charged with various counts of assault and robbery.

Another suspect, Shayona Mikia Davis, 20, is charged with those counts in addition to armed robbery because police said she struck the victim with a deadly weapon -- her high-healed shoe. Read story about her arrest and more details from the case.

The video of the assault on Sephy Bounan from Alexandria, Va., horrified police and residents for his brutal nature and apparently unprovoked nature. The victim, who was intoxicated at the time, had his wallet, watch and car keys stolen. He was seen on the tape being punched and then stripped of all his clothes and left naked on Calvert Street.


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