Baltimore beating video: Police, prosecutors still investigating

The beating video of a tourist in Baltimore has generated considerable anger, and with a suspect seemingly identified through screen shots and Twitter messages, many have been asking why there haven't been any arrests or whether police are still working the case.

Officials said Monday that the investigation remains ongoing. Though outraged viewers turned up evidence that appears to link a Rosedale man to the punch thrown at the victim, sources tell me that authorities are working to gather all the evidence they would need for a prosecution.

That includes additional surveillance video and possibly records from Twitter or Facebook - where the suspect was seen discussing the incident before shutting down his accounts - that would take considerable time to obtain. 

Attempts to reach the man have been unsuccessful.

In the meantime, it appeared that the alleged suspect's voicemail was hacked last week. A number previously associated with the man, who the Sun is not identifying because he has not been charged, as of Friday night had a voicemail recording where someone pretending to be him boasted about the beating, perhaps in a further attempt to stoke outrage. 

The video had already generated thousands of views on various shock video sites, and was catapulted to further notoriety over the weekend as the Drudge Report, Huffington Post, and The Smoking Gun posted stories based on local news accounts. 

We're continuing to stay in touch with investigators seeking updates on the progress of the case. 

Sun reporter Steve Kilar contributed to this article. 

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