Leopold used police to collect data on political opponents

Anyone wondering about the power of police should read Nicole Fuller's story on Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold, who we all remember was indicted on charges that he abused his office and used his police protection detail for personal errands and to separate competing girlfriends.

The story says he did more:

The Anne Arundel County Police Department acknowledged Wednesday that a statewide police criminal records database was accessed in order for County Executive John R. Leopold to investigate political opponents.

The story describes how police ran criminal record checks and kept dossiers on Leopold's competitors, Several groups, including the police and fire unions, have called for Leopold's resignation, and for the police chief's, who the indictment says had heard complaints but did not intervene.

It's just more distractions for one of our area law enforcement agencies, where officers are supposed to keep the peace and protect citizens. Instead, the state prosecutors says the cops were protecting their boss. Read the indictment here.


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