No one injured in Target shooting in Owings Mills, Baltimore County police say

Baltimore County police say they believe no one was shot in an incident yesterday at a Target in Owings Mills.

Police spokeswoman Jennifer Peach said Tuesday that detectives are “fairly certain” that the intended victim was not struck after they found a single bullet lodged in a wall of the store. They also determined based on witness accounts that only one round of ammunition was fired.

Police were called around 5:41 p.m. Monday to respond to a shooting at the store on 11200 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills. Surveillance camera footage showed two men who walked into the store and straight up to a man inside. They had some sort of exchange, then one of the men raised a gun and shot one round of ammunition at him, police said.

“As soon as the shooting happened, everybody fled the location,” Peach said.

The two suspects are at large, and the victim’s whereabouts are unknown. Police say they will not release the surveillance footage from the scene to the public until they have exhausted all possible leads.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to contact Baltimore County Police.

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