Fourth Glenelg High School student in hate crimes case scheduled for trial Dec. 18

One of the four Glenelg High School students charged with hate crimes after swastikas and racial epithets were found on the school’s property in late May made an appearance in a Howard County courtroom Friday morning.

Matthew Lipp, 18, of Woodbine, appeared at a scheduling conference where his lawyer, Brian Thompson, and Assistant State’s Attorney Melissa Montgomery agreed to have a motions hearing on Nov. 26 and a trial on Dec. 18.

Lipp was the last Glenelg graduate to have his hate crime trial scheduled. The other Glenelg graduates charged with perpetrating a hate crime at Glenelg in May have trials around the same time. Tyler Curtiss, 18, will have trial on Dec. 18. Joshua Shaffer, 18, and Seth Taylor, 19, are scheduled for trials on Nov. 28.

Shaffer of Mount Airy, Taylor of Glenwood, Curtiss of Brookeville and Lipp face identical seven-count indictments, including three hate crime charges.

The four each face three counts related to race or religious harassment, two destruction of property-related charges and two trespassing charges, according to court records and a state’s attorney indictment summary. All of the charges are misdemeanors.

On May 24, during a morning awards ceremony for Glenelg graduating seniors, swastikas and racial epithets, including one that Howard County police said targeted the school’s African-American principal, were found painted on school’s outside walls, parking lot and campus sidewalks.

The four were identified by images from school surveillance cameras, police said.

Released on their own recognizance, the four were ordered not to leave the state without a judge’s permission and to notify the court of any address change.

The May incident is the second of its kind reported at the school in less than two years. In March 2017, “hate or bias” reports of swastikas and an anti-African-American racial slur were discovered inside one of the school’s bathrooms, according to state police. At the time of the report last year, no suspects had been identified.

Baltimore Sun Media Group reporter Jess Nocera contributed to this article.

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