Jury convicts Black Guerrilla Family member in gang murder

Black Guerrilla Family member convicted of Greenmount Avenue murder, gang charge on prosecutors' 2nd try.

Baltimore prosecutors won a murder conviction Thursday evening against an alleged Black Guerrilla Family member, in a four-year-old case which had previously ended in a mistrial.

David Hunter, 28, was convicted of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, one count of participating in a gang, and handgun counts for the 2011 murder of heroin dealer Henry Mills on Greenmount Ave, confirmed Deputy Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah, a former state's attorney who tried the case.

"For four years, the family and friends of Henry Dominic Mills have patiently waited for justice," Vignarajah said. "But here, justice was delivered not on a street corner but in a court of law, not at the end of a barrel of a gun, but at the end of a public trial."

Prosecutors had charged Hunter with a rarely used law that allowed them to present evidence about his alleged connections to the BGF — details a judge might otherwise prevent a jury from hearing.

At his first trial in 2014, jurors were deadlocked and a judge declared a mistrial. A juror told The Sun that some on the panel were leaning toward acquittal.

This time, the jury took about a day and a half to reach a guilty verdict on all counts.

Prosecutors said Mills, 40, was killed because he was suspected of killing a senior BGF member on Halloween 2007, and because the gang wanted to send the message that it controlled the drug trade in the Greenmount Avenue area. Hunter, as an enforcer for the BGF, was assigned to take out Mills.

At the first trial, Vignarajah described Hunter as a "card-carrying, long-standing" member of the gang, which he blamed for many of the problems plaguing parts of Baltimore.

The evidence consisted of witnesses and two videos. One, prosecutors said, showed Hunter fleeing the scene with a gun. The second showed Hunter dressed in the same clothes as one of the running men meeting with other members of the gang, where prosecutors said Hunter was congratulated on the killing.

Vignarajah, the former chief of the State's Attorney's Major Investigations Unit, prosecuted the case even though he is currently a top official in the Office of the Attorney General. He is continuing to handle some of his old cases.

Hunter is still pending trial on additional murder and gang charges, after he was part of a massive indictment targeting the BGF amid a crime spike in 2013. Forty-eight alleged BGF members and associates were charged in that case, many who are still pending trial.


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