Balto. Co. dismisses charges against Browns fan accused of urinating on Modell's grave

Baltimore Co. prosecutors drop charges against Browns fan accused of urinating on Modell grave.

Baltimore County prosecutors have dismissed a case against an Ohio man accused of urinating on the grave of former Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell.

Paul Serbu, 62, of Franklin, Ohio, had been charged with disorderly conduct in a cemetery, a misdemeanor. A video of the incident at Druid Ridge Cemetery in Pikesville appeared on YouTube last year under the username "BrownsFan4Life."

The charge, filed last July, was dropped Tuesday, and Serbu has agreed to appear on the radio with Modell's son, David, to discuss what happened, said Baltimore County Deputy State's Attorney John Cox.

Cox said he received information about "a physical condition" that Serbu has, but said it would be inappropriate to elaborate. He said he also had a number of conversations with David Modell about the charge.

"We talked about a resolution that we all felt was appropriate," Cox said. "Mr. Modell suggested that this individual have an opportunity to apologize, and then converse with him on his radio show."

David Modell co-hosts the "Armstrong Williams" show on SiriusXM Urban View. He told The Baltimore Sun on Wednesday that when the YouTube video came to light, he had challenged the suspect to appear on air to apologize.

Modell said he hopes the radio appearance — which has not been scheduled — can be an opportunity to talk about accountability and appropriate behavior.

He added that he does not want to "abuse" Serbu on air.

"It's just an opportunity for him to kind of come clean ... and apologize to my family, and we'll move on," Modell said.

Serbu's attorney, Martin Malloy of Dayton, Ohio, declined to comment on the case.

In the YouTube video, a man police identified as Serbu recorded himself removing a Ravens jersey to reveal a Cleveland Browns jersey, and then appeared to urinate out of the bottom of his pants leg using a catheter and a tube. He also referred to Modell's relocation of the Cleveland Browns franchise to Baltimore.

"As far as [urinating] on your grave, I had no choice," he said in the video. "Anyone who says, '[It's been] 15 years, let it go' ... you let it go."

If convicted, Serbu could have faced up to two years in jail and a $500 fine, Cox said.

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