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Double murder trial underway in deaths of Baltimore County couple

A Baltimore County jury heard Friday from a series of witnesses who described the day last spring when a Randallstown couple were found slain in their bedroom.

Family of the victims, Chinika Shari Hursey and Steven Scott Campbell, packed the courtroom for the testimony. Prosecutors say Hursey’s ex-husband, Dominick, shot the couple to death in their bedroom as two of Chinika Hursey’s children lay sleeping in the home in the 4100 block of Bald Eagle Court.

Dominick Daniel Hursey, 44, now faces charges including two counts of first-degree murder. The Owings Mills man’s trial in Circuit Court began earlier this week, but some proceedings were delayed when the courthouse closed for snowy weather.

The trial in front of Judge Mickey Norman is expected to last until early next week.

During opening statements Tuesday, prosecutor Greg Miller said that at about 4 a.m. on April 3, Dominick Hursey entered the home through a window and then “coldly and cowardly” killed his ex-wife as she lay in bed.

Miller said Chinika Hursey, 36, was shot three times in the back of her head, while Campbell, 36, was shot a dozen times all over his body.

According to Miller, Chinika Hursey’s son went to school in the morning, unaware of what had happened overnight. Then, around 8:25 a.m., surveillance footage showed her 4-year-old daughter running barefoot out of the home.

Moments later, Dominick Hursey arrived at the home in his pickup truck, put the girl in his vehicle and went into the house.

“For almost 20 minutes, this defendant doesn’t call 911, doesn’t go to a neighbor’s house, doesn’t go back out to the little girl in his truck,” Miller said.

A friend of Dominick Hursey’s happened to be driving past the neighborhood and saw Dominick’s truck outside the home, Miller said. The friend knew that Chinika Hursey had a protective order against her ex-hubsand and that Dominick wasn’t supposed to be there. He went to the home, found Dominick inside and called 911.

Detectives later found a gym bag belonging to Dominick Hursey that contained items including a partially used box of ammunition that was the same type used in the killings, Miller said.

When Dominick Hursey was being held in the county jail after his arrest, he told another friend over the phone to “to get rid of something for him under a green waterspout catcher,” Miller said. Detectives determined he was referring to a location down the street from Chinika Hursey’s home, where they found a bag containing a bloody glove, a bullet and shell casings.

The glove contained DNA belonging to Chinika Hursey and Campbell, and the bullet and shell casings matched those at the crime scene, the prosecutor said.

Defense attorney Margaret Mead told the jury that while the Hurseys had their differences, there was nothing that would have led Dominick Hursey to commit murder.

“When you get all of the pieces of this puzzle together, it will give you a picture that is not what the state’s attorney just described to you,” Mead said.

On Friday, the jury heard from witnesses including the police officers who were called to the home, a crime scene technician and the friend who called 911. Several people left the courtroom in tears as jurors were shown graphic crime scene photographs.

Jurors also heard from Chinika Hursey’s mother, Rita Jackson, who explained she was testifying on her late daughter’s birthday. Jackson described the timeline of the Hurseys’ relationship. They had married in 2006 and divorced in 2010, she said. They later got back together but then broke up again.

In February 2017, Chinika Hursey obtained a protective order following an incident at an Ellicott City car dealership in which she said her ex-husband assaulted her. She also pressed charges against him.

“I fear for my life and that Dominick will try to kill me or hurt me,” she wrote in the petition for the order.

In July, Dominick Hursey pleaded guilty in Howard County to a second-degree assault charge related to that incident.



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