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Trial begins for man who ran over woman in Fells Point

Prosecutors say man who ran over woman in Fells Point while fleeing fight had initiated the altercation

Prosecutors said Wednesday that a man who ran over and badly injured a woman on a sidewalk in Fells Point while trying to flee a fight in February had initiated the altercation.

Assistant State's Attorney Jennifer Brady told jurors that Orlando Redd, 39, had opportunities to leave the scene after starting a confrontation, but instead escalated it.

"Mr. Redd [had] only one thing on his mind — total and utter destruction and damage," Brady told jurors.

Redd's attorney, Brandon Mead, countered that his client feared for his life from a group of men who had surrounded his car and were trying to pull him out. He says he heard someone yell "Get the gun" and a man was pounding on his window trying to break it.

"Mr. Redd had no other choice to preserve his life," Mead said. "He had to get out of that area."

Redd is facing two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, malicious destruction of property over $1,000, and traffic violations.

Jillian Vaccaro had just stepped out of a bar and was run over twice. She suffered fractured ribs and a broken pelvis, which required 12 screws to repair, Brady told jurors.

Brady said she planned to call Vaccaro as the last witness.

The incident Feb. 6 in the 700 block of South Broadway was partially captured by a man who broadcast it live on Periscope. Jurors watched his video. Brady said a second video from another vantage point would also be shown.

Brady told jurors that Redd was driving north on Broadway when a car blocked the road. Redd honked his horn, and after the vehicle moved out of the way he pulled up and rolled down his window, yelling at someone who had been speaking to the driver of the other vehicle.

Brady said Redd put his vehicle in park, got in the man's face and shoved him.

Redd punched the man several times until a bouncer from a nearby bar intervened, Brady said. She said Redd's actions started a "secondary fight," and Redd waded into that fracas and sucker-punched someone.

Brady said Redd then tried to flee, but his vehicle was blocked. The Periscope video showed Redd's Honda Odyssey repeatedly ram another vehicle. When a man opened Redd's driver's side door and tried to pull him out, Redd's vehicle reversed and dragged him. It then jumped the sidewalk and ran Vaccaro over.

Redd's vehicle then drove out of the area using the sidewalk, causing him to run over Vaccaro again, Brady said.

Brady, narrating the events, said Redd had "tunnel vision and doesn't care about anyone else."

Mead said prosecutors had not charged Redd with punching various people before getting back into his car. He said Redd's involvement in the "secondary fight" was coming to the aid of a friend who he said had been hit in the head with a chair and was being stomped.

Of the men trying to pull Redd out of his vehicle, Mead said: "They're not trying to exchange insurance information. Mr. Redd did not want to become a Baltimore City statistic that night."

Redd was caught by police just a few blocks away, Mead said, and was cooperative and polite.

The jury trial is expected to last a few days.

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