Rashaw Scott, who survived ambush that killed 16-month-old son Carter in 2013, fatally shot in Southwest Baltimore

Rashaw Scott, who survived a hail of bullets that killed his 16-month-old son, Carter Scott, when his car was ambushed in 2013, was fatally shot under similar circumstances Tuesday, Baltimore police confirmed Wednesday.

Detectives are “investigating whether there is a connection between the cases,” police said.

Police said Scott, 26, was shot after suspects opened fire on a vehicle in which he and another man were seated in the 500 block of N. Fremont Ave. in Harlem Park about 1:41 p.m. Tuesday. The other man in the car, 20, was wounded, police said.

In the 2013 incident, police and prosecutors said Scott had been lured to a parking lot in Cherry Hill — his young son seated in an infant seat in the back — where men in masks and wearing latex gloves opened fire on the vehicle. Scott was wounded; his son was killed.

In 2015, Scott refused to appear in court to testify against the five men accused in his son’s killing until a judge issued a bench warrant.

When he did appear in court, in a yellow jumpsuit and handcuffs after a night in jail, he said he remembered little of the incident and had been coached by police on what to say.

Scott gave statements to investigators alleging that a friend of his, Cornell Harvey, had set him up but would not corroborate that account on the stand when forced to testify under the bench warrant.

“I don’t remember,” he told a prosecutor at trial when asked about a photo lineup with his signature on it. “That could be anybody’s. It could be yours. I’m not an analyst.”

Eventually, all five men charged in the boy’s death were convicted.

Harvey, the man accused of luring Scott to the parking lot, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 50 years in prison for his role.

Dequan Shields received life plus 20 years; Rashid Mayo received two life sentences plus 45 years; Eddie Tarver received two life sentences plus 20 years; and Reginald Love received life plus 150 years.

After the shooting Tuesday, Scott and the other man fled in the car in which they were shot to the 1000 block of Harlem Ave., police said.



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