Baltimore gang member pleads guilty to drug charges

A member of the Black Guerrilla Family gang pleaded guilty Thursday to drug charges, federal prosecutors announced.

Garrion McCellan, 30, distributed heroin and fentanyl in and around Pedestal Gardens, an apartment complex in the 300 block of McMechen St. He also admitted to killing two people for supposedly interfering with his gang’s drug operations, at the direction of the alleged leader of the drug conspiracy.

Police say the Baltimore man worked with others — including Jamal Carter, 24, and Dymir Rhodes, 32 — to maintain a stash of drugs at a house in Catonsville. They distributed drugs from at least July 2016 through April 28, 2016, according to McCellan’s plea agreement.

McCellan admitted to working with others to distribute between 1 and 3 kilograms of heroin during his time in the conspiracy, prosecutors said.

McCellan also confessed to gunning down two people — one in August 2015 and another just two months later.

Prosecutors said McCellan and Rhodes tracked down a dealer they believed was intruding on their organization’s drug territory. McCellan shot the victim several times outside a corner store in the 1700 block of McCulloh St. and injured another person inside the shop.

Then in October, McCellan and Carter targeted a person they were told was robbing drug dealers in the area. McCellan met the victim after telling the victim he would help execute a robbery. But instead McCellan shot the victim at close range, killing him, according to prosecutors.

If the court accepts his plea agreement, McCellan could face up to 30 years in prison. He will be sentenced Sept. 21.

Carter and Rhodes previously pleaded guilty to their involvement and were sentenced to 11 and 10 years in prison, respectively.

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