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City detective sentenced in perjury case

A Baltimore City homicide detective who lied about being shot at a downtown parking garage two years ago will not serve any jail time.

Anthony N. Fata, who was convicted by a jury in August of perjury, misconduct in office, and a felony count of worker's compensation fraud, received an 18 month suspended sentence, two years probation and is required to serve 500 hours of community service.

Previously, the 16-year police veteran said he exchanged gunfire with a man in a garage near police headquarters on Jan. 18, 2011, but prosecutors said Fata shot himself, lied to his commanding officer and at a later worker's compensation hearing. The shooting resulted in hundreds of officers searching the area, breaking into private businesses, looking for a gunman who was never located.

Fata did not speak at the hearing except only to ask the judge that he receive no jail time. Through his attorney, he declined to comment after.

"We take no solace in having to bring these cases, but the credibility and integrity of police officers is just as important as any lay witness, and when an officer violates that trust, we have no choice but to prosecute so that the public, and future juries, understand how important we value honest testimony in all our cases," State's Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein said in a statement.

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