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Death related to past Baltimore shooting bumps 2018 homicide count to 30

A recent death linked to a past shooting in Baltimore has increased the 2018 homicide count to 30, according to police.

Maurice Anthony Knight, 34, was shot on June 16 about 10:08 p.m. near the 4000 block of Old York Road in North Baltimore. He was treated at a local hospital, then transferred to a rehabilitation and assisted living facility for further care, police said.

He died on Sept. 27, and the medical examiner’s office ruled his death a homicide caused by the June shooting. T.J. Smith, a police spokesman, said that ruling was made this year, so Knight’s killing counts in the 2018 calendar year.

It was unclear why the autopsy finding took so long. Bruce Goldfarb, a spokesman for the state medical examiner’s office, said he could not comment on an open case.

Including Knight’s killing, there have been 30 homicides this year.

Last year’s homicide count was revised on Monday, when police announced a man who died last year from injuries sustained in 2008 became the 342nd homicide victim.

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