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Radio caller reports 7-Eleven robbery in Baltimore

Radio caller reports Baltimore 7-Eleven robbery but the truth is stranger than fiction.

The sports news website on Wednesday posted audio recorded from a man who said he is a Baltimore 7-Eleven clerk and claimed he was being robbed while calling in to a sports radio show.

The incident, which took place at about 3:30 a.m., was captured on tape because the clerk named "Will" had called The DA Show, a CBS sports radio show hosted by Damon Amendolara, between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. The clerk, bemoaning last night's Orioles playoff loss to the Kansas City Royals, had just broken into an on-air rap when he stopped suddenly and told Amendolara he was being robbed. The caller hung up, leaving the radio host to wonder about his safety.

Later, Amendolara told Deadspin that "Will" had called him back, telling him that he was safe.

The Baltimore Sun asked Baltimore police whether a 7-Eleven had been robbed in the city limits at about 3:30 a.m. to confirm the radio account.

None had been robbed at about that time, police said.

However another peculiar 7-Eleven robbery was reported in the city about an hour and a half later.

At about 5:06 a.m., police said a 7-Eleven in the 3200 block of Washington Blvd. was robbed under circumstances that don't seem to match the alleged store robbery recorded on the radio.

In this incident, a 7-Eleven clerk was working by himself, making coffee, when a police report said two unknown men entered the store's front door. They approached the clerk in the rear of the store and forced him into a back room behind the cash register, the police report said. The suspects pushed the clerk into a chair, turned it around and told the victim not to turn around. He then demanded that the clerk write his security code down for the cash register. The clerk complied and stayed in the back room for 20 minutes until both suspects left.

Security footage later showed that while one suspect was dealing with the clerk in the back room, the other unzipped his hoodie to reveal a red shirt similar to a standard 7-Eleven uniform. He then grabbed a number of Greendot and Western Union prepaid Visa cards. The suspect moved behind the cash register and began activating the cards.

"While doing so multiple customers came in and out of the location and suspect #1 acted as an employee of 7-Eleven; scanning the items and checking the customers out accordingly," the police report said.

After about 20 minutes, both suspects left the store. Police have not identified any suspects, and detectives from the City Wide Robbery unit are investigating.

Police described one of the suspects as a black man wearing a black hoodie with a small white logo on the left shoulder, a black winter cap, sunglasses, blue jeans and tennis shoes. The other suspect was described as black wearing a red hoodie with a large white square graphic on the front, dark colored jeans, dark shoes and a light colored mask covering his entire face. Police said he had his right hand in his hoodie pocket and appeared to be holding an object he implied was a weapon.

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