No. 7: Downtown violence

The video, filmed in downtown Baltimore on the night of St. Patrick's Day showed a seemingly disoriented man getting sucker-punched, robbed, and stripped of his clothing. Onlookers didn't help - they filmed, or joined in. The Internet, however, went to work, with outraged and tech-savvy viewers helping police to figure out who uploaded and appeared in the video; the man pinpointed by web sleuths was eventually arrested. The video became a flashpoint in a debate over whether downtown Baltimore was safe, with Baltimore County legislators weighing in and the city pushing back, noting that reports of violence there are low and pointing out several high-profile events that went off without notable crime. Later, The Sun reported on a wave of mayhem that took place across the city on St. Patrick's Day that hadn't been reported by police.
Kenneth K. Lam
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