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President will not seek third term on school board in Carroll County

A two-term Carroll County Board of Education member plans to step down when her term expires in 2014 while three residents have filed with the Board of Elections for the open seats on the five-member non-partisan board.

School board president Barbara Shreeve said Tuesday that she will not seek re-election to the board next year.

Shreeve, whose daughter graduated from Manchester Valley High School last year, said that with no children in the school system and her husband eligible to retire in one year, she couldn't commit to four more years.

Her tenure on the board includes three years as president of the board and two years as vice president.

Shreeve said that she will leave the board "very satisfied" with its actions over her two terms.

She added that she believes no one should make a career out of serving on the school board and that by stepping down, she may again become a substitute teacher within the school system.

The terms of school board members Gary Bauer and Virginia Harrison also expire next year.

Harrison has filed her paperwork for a second elected term after being appointed to the school board in 2008.

Harrison said she would like to see the school board maintain its current achievements and standards, while seeing teachers get their "just due".

"I would love to see them get their raises, I think that is crucial," she said.

The new candidates include two active members in the parent advocacy group Carroll Values Education. Carroll Values Education founder Bob Lord and Devon Rothschild, a member of the group's advisory board, announced their candidacy Aug. 27. They plan to run as a team in the 2014 elections and said they would step down from their leadership positions within Carroll Values Education if elected.

"I'm running because I want to maintain our quality school system," Lord said. "We have a great school system here in Carroll County."

Gary Desper, a Westminster-based attorney has also filed for a seat on the board.

Carroll Values Education, a parent advocacy group with about 500 parents involved, was formed in January.

Lord, whose son and daughter attend Mechanicsville Elementary School, said the group was not founded to be a political organization.

Joining the school board is the next step in being involved in the school system for him, he said.

"Each year, it's just a little bit more that I take on," he said. "Running for school board is just a natural fit."

Rothschild, who is not related to Carroll County commissioner Richard Rothschild, said she is "super passionate" about the school system and believes the best way for her to support the school system and make an impact on the community is by becoming a member of the Board of Education.

She has a son in first grade and her two youngest sons are set to start pre-kindergarten Sept. 2.

"I would hope that parents would feel like I was somebody that they could approach and talk to," she said.

She and Lord agreed that they have no gripes with the current school board, but plan on being more visual within the community.

"If I'm elected, I intend to be visual. I intend to be in the community a lot more and be approachable," Lord said. "I've found that, meeting with people from Carroll Values Education that people do want someone to talk to."

The primary election is June 24. The general election is Nov. 4, 2014.


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