Evening tours in Sykesville in search of ghostly evidence

Ivy Wells doesn't believe in ghosts.

But, she admits, a couple of odd occurrences at Sykesville's Town House have piqued her interest.

"A faint hint of cigar smoke permeates the Town House," Wells said on the lingering aroma at the facility on Main Street in Sykesville. "Two ghost hunters set up in the attic and the instruments went crazy. I don't go up to the attic when I'm alone now at all."

Wells does go on the town's award-winning ghost tours, which began in 2009 after Wells did a little research.

"Most of the stories I found out about were in the last 30 years," Wells said.

"I interviewed a lot of people and did a lot of research," she said. "I wanted to get the stories straight. I didn't want it to be fake."

The hour-long walking tours start at the Town House, 7547 Main St..

There are several stops along the tour, including:

• The Inn at Norwood, a bed and breakfast in a Colonial Revival house built in 1906

• Baldwin's Station Restaurant, housed in an historic 1883 train station

The tour ends at the Town House, where people can share their experiences.

"It's extremely popular," Wells said of the tours. "It's fun to walk around with a big group of people."

Sykesville's Ghosts and Legends leave at 7:30 p.m. from the Town House in Sykesville, on various dates.

Tours are $13, $10 for children 10 and under and seniors.

For information, email ivy@sykesville.net.

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