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Hampstead man charged with assault

Timothy Lee Jamison III of Hampstead was arrested Friday on charges of assault.

Jamison was charged with one count each of first and second-degree assault. He was held without bail after a Monday bail review, according to electronic court records.

According to the statement of probable cause, officers of the Westminster Police Department responded to the unit block of W. Main Street Friday, March 1. On arrival, police spoke to Jamison and a woman separately.

Jamison told police he was trying to speak with the woman, who he knew, and give her a ride home, according to the statement.

The woman said she was walking home that day when she saw Jamison’s vehicle. She crossed the street fearing he would follow her. He then drove through a parking lot and drove straight toward her, slamming on the brakes right in front of her, she told police. She feared he would strike her, according to the statement.

The woman said Jamison then got out of the vehicle and grabbed her by the arms before witnesses started yelling at him and called the police. A car parked behind him prevented him from leaving in his vehicle, she said, according to the statement.

Police observed red marks on her arms, according to the statement.

Police spoke to one witness who heard someone yelling and saw a man grab a woman by the arms. He approached and told him to leave, he said, according to the statement.

Another witness saw Jamison driving alongside a woman trying to talk to her. He jumped a curb to get closer to her, the witness told police. He then got out of the vehicle and began yelling at the woman and grabbing her, according to the statement.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 27.

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