I-70 west bridge reopens after weekend repairs

The I-70 Bridge carring traffic west over the Patapsco River at the Baltimore-Howard County line was reopened around 4 p.m. Sunday after undergoing weekend repairs, the State Highway Administration said.

The ramps from the inner and outer loops of the beltway were also reopened to access I-70 West, the SHA said.

Repairs started Friday afternoon, after the state found "urgent repair work" was needed to reinforce a beam. Crews bolted and welded steel plates to the beam to permanently ensure the bridge's safety, the SHA said.

"SHA is very conservative concerning bridges, so any indication of wear and tear that needs attention is prioritized for repair," State Highway Administrator Melinda B. Peters said in a statement. "Given the amount of traffic on this interstate bridge, we deemed it best to address the issue immediately. We appreciate motorists' patience during the closure."

The administration inspected the remainder of the bridge and the adjacent bridge carrying eastbound traffic. It was determined to be in acceptable condition and did not require repairs.



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